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Dimensions & Sizes

Bike Box Size 
Both UPS and FedEx have maximum size restriction of 165 inches in the US and Puerto Rico for Ground and Express Bike Shipping. Bike travel cases that claim to be FedEx or UPS Ready, fall under this 165 regulation. This claim is a little misleading if you purchased one of these bike cases for a European bike holiday only to find out the International the maximum size restriction is 130 inches for Express services. Both UPS and FedEx will still ship your bike travel case that falls between 130 and 165, but your shipping service is limited to Freight and that will increase your shipping costs. 

Tip: Bike Travel Cases not over 130 inches from Crateworks and Serfas keep domestic and international shipping costs low, but require more bike mechanical proficiency. Larger bike travel cases like the Tri All 3 Sports Case are more expensive to ship, but decreases your need or hire of for mechanical proficiency. 
B&W Bike Guard Curv B&W Bike Guard Curv
TRI ALL 3 SPORTS Velo Safe Pro-Series (ISP)
TRI ALL 3 SPORTS Clam Shell Wheel Safe (2 Wheels)